Monday, 11 June 2012

End of Year Briefing

DESIGN STRAGY - Presentation

- What do I want to do
- Who want to be as a designer
- This is how I am going to get there
- Everyone needs a sense of where I am going to be
- Inform people about what they should start to look out for, crit out, collaborate with
- Aiming to inspire people, get them exited about what you are going to do - so they want to work with you.

BRIEFS - Negotiated

- Chose 10 briefs that are negotiated with Fred
- 5 of them we will probably do before christmas
- To give people some idea about the body of work you need to produce.
- Already made decisions and have ideas about how you are going to approach the brief; subject matter, content, etc
- Briefs needs to support our strategy; allow me to develop skills etc to fulfil it.
- You will probably start on 4 of them straight away.
- Think about the skills you need to develop before you start a brief e.g. web based brief - you need to have another brief in there while you learn the skills.
- Balanced range of briefs that will allow you to develop a SIGNIFICANT BODY of work.
e.g. Business cards - instead of just designing the cards chose 10 different people that you can design their visual identity for; branding, identity, print, digital, web etc, formats, range of different ways of developing logos.
- Everything you do HAS to exploit the full range and distributions and exploit different medias.
- Be aware of competition briefs; they are 1 week briefs max, so you need to look at how you can extend them.
- Use the ISTD briefs as research briefs as a sustained body of work
- Look for briefs initially that will get you started then come back with; initial ideas, content and how you will progress with them; blog entries & supporting material.
- Chose briefs that you think are interesting and NOT just because you think you should do them

Friday, 25 May 2012

OUGD203 Evaluation

Product, Range & Distribution - Body Shop Make up Range - 'Beau'

YCN BRIEF - Feel Good Drinks Company

The Beau Range


I wanted to keep the web pages simple and part of the main website instead of having a whole new website for the range. On the main homepage of the Body Shop website there is a design advertising the bath body and skincare range of products, so I have replaced this with the advert and the face of the brand so that it is the first thing that people see when they visit the website. 

I wanted to keep the design of this initial advert simple so that it would stand out more, highlighting the fact that this line is a Limited Edition as this is what the people are more interested in and generally buy into.

The second page that I designed was the page that would show up if the viewer clicked on the 'make up' tab on the horizontal bar on the homepage. 
Again, I wanted to keep it simple and clear. I used the second of the 3 poster designs to put on the main box on this page. 

I am pleased at how the designs have come out and how they look when placed in context. 



I have kept the bag designs simple and just place the images that I designed to be the face of the brand. It will also mean that the brand will be more easily recognised if people see the image on the bags. These are the bags that would be given to customers once they have purchased Beau products. I chose white bags to keep in line with the rest of the product packaging. I wanted to make the bags stand out in comparison to other make up bags so that when customers are walking in the street, they will catch the attention of other shoppers and hopefully resulting in more people going to see the Beau line. Even though I feel that print cost for these bags will be higher than normal because of the colour used; because it is limited edition range I feel the extra promotion will aid the sales of the brand. 



These are just meant to be simple t-shirts that should be worn by the body shop staff while the Beau range is being promoted. These shirts will also be worn by the promoters who are standing in the streets handing out flyers to shoppers.


Keeping the designs simple and just using the two different logos.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Beau" in store - Proposal

I am proposing that the Beau range has a separate stand / shelving section that is dedicated to the range in the Body Shop stores. This way the make up section and this range is easily visible and promoted. In other chain stores (Superdrug and Boots) the shelving section will look something like the illustration below. 

The area will have the Beau logo heading over shelf; the blue / green gradient with logo will catch the shoppers attention. Placing the adverts below to show the 'face' of the design. 

I have inserted the face on photographs of the packaging into the shelves of the Beau stand to make it more realistic. 

There will be 3 sections to the stand; face, eyes and lips.

Overall I think the design has come out well and Looks part of a convincing brand.